What our candidates say about us

At RIG Social Care we are very proud of our reputation; please find comments from some of our locums below:  

 "I can definitely say that I'd recommend Rig Social Care to anyone. The team was critical to my career development, the whole team were fantastic, help and very knowledgeable, Orhan in particular one of the best agent I have had continently checking to ensure my welfare was being met.
Additionally, the teams knowledge of my skills and what I need was extremely valuable in helping me to further develop my skills.
Overall, I really enjoyed working with Rig Social Care... I would recommend them to anyone"

Charmaine, Family Support Worker


"I found Rig healthcare to be an extremely supportive and professional employment agency. I have worked for similar organisations in the past, but RIG are by far the best I have encountered."

Jez, Support Worker


"The RIG Team are very professional and supportive, and deliver a first class service, they were just what I was looking for, I highly recommend this agency"

Support Worker, Ealing


" A representative from RIG Social Care contacted me with the details of a vacancy after viewing my CV online. The service and support that I have received since the initial contact has been outstanding; I highly recommend this agency"

 Jayne, Social Worker


"I thoroughly recommend this service to anyone, whether they are looking for permanent work or temporary contracts. The personal touch that RIG consultants give is important for people like me who have suffered from recent austerity measures. I was made redundant last year, my confidence took a massive knock and I found applying for work an incredibly stressful process. RIG have helped me to find work easily with an uncomplicated registration process and also have helped me feel like I am a valued employee because they call me several times a week to check my progress".

Steve, Social Care Support Worker


"I have been a qualified social Worker for 25 years. I was 58 years old when I was made redundant at the end of February 2011. I spent 5 months out of work altogether. During that time I signed up with 5 different agencies, underwent 5 CRB checks etc in my quest to get back into a social work job. One of the problems about being unemployed is the loss of confidence, you start to doubt you have the skills you have used for many years. You need someone else to believe in you so that you can start believing in yourself again. Finances are a worry as well, I had a generous maximum redundancy payout but I still had/have a mortgage to pay as well as the other weekly bills which weren’t covered by my wife’s salary. I had worked for local authorities for 36 years, almost all of my working life.
Of the 5 agencies I signed up to RIG were the first to respond with a position within Worcestershire Children’s Services which was close enough to where I live ( I live in Herefordshire ). I attended an interview and was offered a placement. I have really enjoyed my time in this post, I got my confidence back quickly, work with a great group of colleagues and learnt new skills. I received a phone call from RIG most weeks and was offered support with little problems I encountered having never worked with an agency before. At the end of March this year I was offered the opportunity to apply for a permanent post within the 16+ team, was interviewed and got the job. Most of the credit for this must go to RIG who made me believe in myself again. Although I have accepted the permanent post this is not a reflection on anything RIG have done wrong, rather, it’s down to the way they have supported me. I would readily recommend RIG to anyone as the best agency I have had contact with. Thanks again for helping me out."

Pete Collin, Qualified Social Worker - Children & Families


"I have found RIG to be a supportive company who made my first foray into agency work much easier than I had imagined. I am impressed by the high level of communication maintained, even when I have been busy with other work, the friendly staff there have always rung regularly to ensure everything was okay and to ensure I wouldn't miss out on opportunities in the future. I have no hesitation in recommending them to service providers and those seeking locum work and look forward to using their service in the future."

Iain Walker, Social Worker


"I had not worked for an agency prior to working for RIG Social care agency and the experience had been fabulous.
I was guided through the enrolling process step by step and if I have had a problem with any part of the system I have been able to contact the same person each time to go through the problem with me.
I receive a weekly phone call asking me if everything is OK and reminding me to put my time sheets in.
I would recommend RIG Social care to anyone who is looking for a good agency that offers the sort of personal service that is rare to find these days."

Christine Austen, Social Work Assistant 

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